Palcom Urban Explore

Explore an extraordinary journey by your own choice

Palcom Urban Explore

Explore an extraordinary journey by your own choice

Explore outside the box

Urbanization has been became a global trend. Are you tired living in the monotonous and ordinary of city life? Are you lost the courage of adventure and exploration in the busy weekday?

Palcom, lead a new look in the future through the discovery of different perspectives, actively explore the extraordinary things in life, challenge more possibilities based on the spirit of the explore outside the box and the enthusiasm of life.

Cooperate with creative brands
with forward-thinking

We are highly concerned about the trend of smart devices, integrate the capability of innovation, design, R&D and manufacturing of the group of companies, select and represent smart devices that including : smart phones, smart homes, digital devices, 3C accessories, etc. Active your inner in “exploration mode” with smart devices, let ordinary things become your own wonderful life.

Excellent after service team
Palcom offer complete after-sales services and maintenance services to help you quickly resolve problems when your products in trouble.

Diversified sales networks to
support the brand’s rapid landing

As a professional brand agency company, Palcom act as agent that includes CAT (Caterpillar), Kodak and other global famous brands. Through professional markeeting ability such as public relations, digital marketing and social media, we can accurately find out the target customers and assist brand and distribution partner in promoting products to the both of consumer market and also enterprise users.
Deeply develop Taiwan channels and to expand the global network with international channel partners.

Palcom core competencies
and services

Product sales agent and market development
Product marketing services

Vertical integration services, one-stop service